The Kumulipo An Hawaiian Creation Myth -

hawaiian creation the big myth - the big myth tm 2011 distant train inc www distanttrain com all rights reserved in the beginning there was only endless darkness out of this darkness two, words of power hawaiian chants and language - when there is no written language imagine selling property traveling without any form of identification or proving who your parents are all without a paper trail, in the beginning hawaiian gods coffee times - a strong religious sentiment prevailed in the lives of the early hawaiian peoples, the hawaiian national flag and royal flag hawaiian - mahalo for clearing up this misinformation regarding the polynesian kingdom of atooi and now our true hawaiian national flag it is so sad to see how people are, hawaiian word of the day hawaii news now kgmb and khnl - our hawaiian word of the day is moolelo the word moolelo means story myth legend and history the word is derived from the words moo and olelo or, haumea makemake the astronomy and astrology - an exploration of the astronomy and astrology of haumea and makemake