The Kumulipo An Hawaiian Creation Myth -

hawaiian creation the big myth - the big myth tm 2011 distant train inc www distanttrain com all rights reserved in the beginning there was only endless darkness out of this darkness two, words of power hawaiian chants and language - when there is no written language imagine selling property traveling without any form of identification or proving who your parents are all without a paper trail imagine as happened to a high chief in hawaii long long ago that you flee from your island end up in a shipwreck and drift onto foreign shores you would be, in the beginning hawaiian gods coffee times - kane and na wahine also had daughters among them laka was the goddess of hula hina was the mother of maui who pulled the hawaiian islands from the ocean and kapo was the goddess of the south pacific and was largely worshipped on maui, the hawaiian national flag and royal flag hawaiian - another example of misinformation centers on the hawaiian national flag lately there is a common misunderstanding that the current flag that has the union jack at the top left corner is not hawaiian but rather british that was imposed here in the islands in 1843 by british naval officer lord paulet, haumea makemake the astronomy and astrology - haumea makemake pluto resonances haumea makemake aspects due to the similar orbital sizes of haumea and makemake aspects occurring between the two should be considered extra significant although due to similar orbital speeds the angular arc between the two changes slowly